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Council vacates right of way off Berna Road

By George W. Davis correspondent

GREEN: After many months of wrangling and frustration over a right-of-way dispute off Berna Road, City Council has voted to vacate the unimproved roadway and split the property with abutting residents.

By a 6-0 vote, with Chris Humphrey recusing himself, council agreed to vacate the western 25 feet of land on the roadway known as Tim Drive to Sarah M. Schutte and reservation of a permanent access over the westerly 25 feet to Robert and Susan Schutte, owner of the property behind that of their daughter.

The action also reserves a permanent access and driveway easement over a 13-foot wide by 143-feet long for property owners Brian Fitzgibbon and David W. Strittmatter and Sharon K. Wright.

The eastern 25 feet of right of way is being vacated with the vacated portion to Fitzgibbon subject to a permanent access and driveway easement to Strittmatter and Wright.

The action provides all abutting property owners with access to Berna Drive.

Court action filed by the Schuttes remains to be resolved.